Welcome to Killerpuppies.com!

This is my personal website.  I’ve worked over the years as an affiliate marketer.  Essentially, that means selling or promoting other peoples products on the web.  I became sick of trying to promote products I didn’t believe in and eventually lost interest.

I have a lot of personal interests, as you will see from the pages available on this site.  I’ve tried to list products I would personally recommend to a friend if they had asked my advice.  I don’t own all of these products, but I’ve researched them enough that I don’t feel I will mislead anyone about anything intentionally.  I have a lot of personal experience in any of the areas this web site details.   I figured if you write about what you know, people will see that.

If you purchase any of the products shown on the site, please offer comments on your purchase and on your satisfaction with it. I appreciate you visiting my website.  Please let me know if there is anything you would like to see changed or added.  Have a great day.

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